Power Machines to increase the capacity of Saratovskaya HPP

Power Machines and JSC GidroOGK signed a contract for supplies of power equipment for Saratovskaya HPP.

Under the terms of the contract Power Machines shall make a design, manufacture and supply two hydraulic turbines and two hydraulic generators of 54 MW each for horizontal bulb turbines (Nos. 22 and 23). Besides the scope of obligations of Power Machines includes supervision and technical commissioning supervision.

The equipment shall be supplied in the 2nd quarter of 2010 and in the 1st quarter of 2011.

Horizontal bulb hydraulic turbines are used at low pressure power plants and at tidal power plants such as Saratovskaya HPP. The power plants for this plant were designed and manufactured at LMZ and Electrosila, branches of Power Machines, in 1967-1969. Currently the equipment is worn and torn and needs to be replaced with the new one.

Reconstruction of two hydraulic units of Saratovskaya HPP will help to increase the capacity of each unit by 9 MW and to improve the reliability of the plant at peak loads of the central regions of the Russian power grade.

As from the date of the commissioning of Saratovskaya HPP (1970) unique horizontal bulb turbines of 45 MW were the most powerful units in the former USSR and had the biggest diameter of the runner – 7,5 meters. These were the first soviet hydraulic units which were operated as test models to improve the technology to further overseas supplies.