Power Machines to increase capacity of Urengoyskaya State District Power Plant

JSC OGK-1 and Power Machines signed a contract for manufacture of power equipment for power unit under construction of Urengoyskaya SDPP.

The contract stipulates manufacture of two gas turbines GTE-160 with air-intake beds and automatic start-up and control systems for the combined cycle power plant of 450 MW under construction. The equipment shall be supplied in the 4th quarter of the year 2008. The total price of the contract amounts to 3 billion Rubles.

In the nearest future Power Machines and OGK-1 are planning to sign a contract for supplies of power equipment for steam unit of CCPP of Urengoyskaya SDPP which consists of a steam turbine K-160-7,5 and a turbine generator of 160 MW.

The power unit is to be manufactured in two stages: first 320 MW are planned to be put into operation in 2009 and in 2010 the power unit will produce 450 MW. Thus in 2010 the capacity of the plant will increase more than 18 times as much as it is now that will increase the scope of power and heat supplies to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District to meet the requirements of the district.

‘We worked very hard to make all the preparations. It is very difficult to get the necessary equipment within short period of time amid pressing demand of power engineering products. The unit will be commissioned next year. Now it is under construction. The main building site is being designed at the moment. The first stage of construction camp will be commissioned soon,’ said Vladimir Khlebnikov, General Director of OGK-1.

‘This is very important project for us. Taking into account strict need of power in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District our company will do the best to complete the contract due in time and at high level of quality,’ said Igor Kostin, General Director of Power Machines.

JSC OGK-1 is the first generating company of power wholesale market. The company is the largest among thermal power companies launched as a result of Russia power sector reform. The installed capacity of the company is 9531 MW. Presently the company aims at realization of Investment Program which stipulates that more than 2 500 MW of generating capacity shall be constructed in districts suffering from power shortage up to 2012. Most projects shall be implemented in the territory of the Ural District.

Urengoyskaya SDPP is a branch of JSC OGK-1. The commissioning of the plant took place in 1987. The installed capacity of the plant is 24 MW. Urengoyskaya SDPP is located on the bank of Lake Jamylimujaganto 70 km south from the polar circle in the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The plant is located in severe climate conditions in the permafrost zone. It is the only thermal power plant in the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.