Power Machines to extend production capacity

St. Petersburg Government approved a Resolution on exploration of the area of 104 ha in an industrial zone Metallostroy (the Kolpino Region) to build a new Power Machines’ power engineering enterprise.

This the 2nd of three sections which were given to Power Machines to conduct exploration in Metallostroy (the Kolpino Region). A week earlier exploration works were approved at a section of 44,1 ha. The total area of the section is about 180 ha.

According to Igor Kostin, CEO of Power Machines, construction of new production site, equipped with the brand new equipment, is one of principal directions of strategic development of the company. Gradually as far as the construction is developed Power Machines’ branches (Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, Electrosila, Turbine Blades’ Plant) capacities will be moved to the new site. ‘It is important to maintain the plants during the construction so that they could complete all orders and maintain the historical sites in order’, said Igor Kostin.

Construction of new enterprise will let achieve synergizing effect by means of unification of identical technological processes at the plants at the common production sites. New production based on the brand new technologies will let the company produce high quality products, increase technological capabilities and labour capacity, optimize production and secondary sites, cut maintenance costs etc.

Within the framework of the new production except for the existing stock list it is planned to increase the production of steam turbines including slow speed turbines and turbogenerators of high capacity (over 500 MW) for large coal power units and nuclear power plants and increase the production of gas turbines of various capacity. As a result of such a project it is planned to increase the production capacities of Power Machines by half by 2012.

In the territory of the new enterprise it is planned to realize a great scale social strategy of the company. Modern personal service rooms, canteens, museums, data center etc. will be constructed together with production sites.