Power Machines to become the main supplier of power generation equipment to Belene NPP, Bulgaria

The Russian company “Atomstroyexport”, having represented “NPP-92” project (2 power units 1000 MW each and the reactor system B-466, in consortium with OJSC “Power Machines” and other Russian manufacturers has won a tender for Belene NPP construction in Bulgaria. Power Machines will supply the main power generation equipment of NPP machinery hall.

This is the first great tender victory of the Russian companies to construct NPP abroad at the commercial basis. Project execution of similar projects in China (Tianwan NPP) and in India (Kudankulam NPP) together with Power Machines is carried out on terms of intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation with these countries.

The main tender competitor was Skoda Alliance, Czechia, in consortium with Westinghouse, USA.

The tender board of 200 experts from 8 countries has chosen a Russian offer based on the usage of a new reactor system B-466 manufactured by OKB “Hydropress” and “Izhorskie zavody” in each power unit as well as usage of a new high-speed K-1000-60/300 turbine and the 1000 MW TBB-100-2 turbogenerator by Power Machines. 

The main advantages of the project of “Atomstroyexport” is NPP high security level achieved by security systems, not applied at NPP construction earlier, as well as optimal technical and economic factors. The version of “high-speed” machinery hall answers technical Customer requirements completely and will allow high performance of the guaranteed capacity. New constructive decisions and technologies tested at Kozloduy NPP steam turbines in Bulgaria, Tianwan NPP in China and Kudankulam NPP in India within recent years will be used while high-speed turbines design and manufacture.

Power Machines scope of supply, besides steam turbines and turbogenerators, includes condensers and auxiliary turbine equipment, excitation systems, exciters and auxiliary generator systems and besides that, PTNA driver-turbines manufactured by Kaluga Turbine Works. The total project share of Power Machines is about $ 200 mln.

Participation in construction of two power units of Belene NPP has a significant sense for Power Machines taking into account the official Russian Federation Government target federal program “Development of nuclear power generation complex of Russia for 2007 -2010 and till 2015 prospective”. The victory of the “high-speed” machinery hall version is the most weighty argument for using high-speed turbounits in the Russian nuclear power generation. Power Machines has already started design of a high-speed K-1200-6.8/50 turbine for the newest “NPP-2006” project and a new high-efficiency explosion and fireproof 1 200 MW T3B-1200-2 turbogenerator with full water cooling.