Power Machines test a turbogenerator prototype for Nazarovskaya TPP

Power Machines OJSC has successfully tested a turbogenerator prototype for the first power generating unit of Nazarovskaya TPP.

A contract for manufacturing and supply of two 165 MW turbogenerator sets with excitation systems and extra electric equipment was signed with Yenisei Territorial Generating Company OJSC (TGC-13) (part of Siberian Generating Company) in December 2011. Power Machines are also to provide installation supervision services for the supplied equipment.

The forced hydrogen-cooled turbogenerator manufactured for Nazarovskaya TPP features direct forced-cooling system of the rotor winding and indirect hydrogen cooling of the stator winding and core. This generator series does not use distilled water for the cooling of the stator winding, which significantly simplifies the operation and improves the reliability.

Now, Power Machines are manufacturing the second generator. The shipment is to start in January 2013 and is to be completed in April 2013.

The new turbogenerators will replace the overage generators with water and hydrogen cooling at the first and the fifth power generating units of Nazarovskaya TPP.