Power Machines successfully performed hydraulic tests of the steam boiler of the second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP

Power Machines company, the general contractor of the second stage construction of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP, completed hydraulic tests of the steam boiler within the power unit under construction of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP erected by Public Company RusHydro and Public Company RAO Energy Systems of the East. Launch of the new power unit is planned at the end of December of this year.

Tests tool 8 hours. During this time, the steam boiler was checked for strength of all elements of welded connections. The boiler unit was filled with chemically purified water, then its stage-by-stage check for tightness started. During 10 minutes, the boiler unit was subject to test pressure. Then specialists performed careful inspection of boiler elements for leakages, sweat in welded connections, visible deformations, cracks and indications of tear. After completion of tests, specialists documented the corresponding report. Now, heat insulation works are expected on the boiler unit.

Pulverized coal steam boiler manufactured by Taganrog boilermaker factory Krasny Kotelshchik constituting a part of Power Machines is characterized by reduced emission and increased efficiency. Environmental specifications of the boiler are improved due to use of staged combustion and electric filters. Also, the boiler is equipped with modern automated systems of heating surfaces cleaning.

Erection of the power facility enters the “final straight”. Currently, 2300 t of the boiler unit metal structures out of 2318 t are mounted. Installation of steam purge devices, mounting of oil steam traced pipeline and convection shaft compensator is performed. Auxiliary boiler equipment is being prepared for commissioning works.

In the turbine shop, priming of the turbine generator oil system is performed, generator noise-protective enclosure is erected, mounting of cooling system is being performed, tie-ins to the plant connectors of pipelines are arranged, flushing and hydraulic tests of pipelines is being performed. In the electric filter compartment, erection of gas distribution system and pre-assembly of gas pipe is continued.

6 of 7 sections of the cooling tower frame is erected, casing of metal structures (cards) of the 7th section is finished. In the cooling tower cup, erection of water distribution system is being conducted.

More than 1000 people is involved in works.

In December, the basic technological equipment of plants will undergo integrated testing during which new capacities shall operate on the design fuel with the rated load of not less than 72 hours. Successful passing of this stage is the warranty that the plant is working at the design conditions.

The contract for services of general contract for construction of the second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP with performance of the general contractor functions on turnkey basis was signed December, 2013 by Power Machines, OJSC, and Blagoveshchenskaya, JSC, according to results of open tendering procedures.

Pursuant to its conditions, Power Machines, OJSC, performs construction of the second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP as a general contractor. The company performs the full scope of construction and installation, commissioning, with manufacture and supply of the required equipment including basic power plant equipment: steam turbine with capacity of 120 MW in set with the turbine generator of own production, pulverized coal steam boiler manufactured by Taganrog boiler-maker factory Krasny Kotelshchik, and also power and unit transformers produced by the joint enterprise of Power Machines and Toshiba Company, Power Machines — Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers, LLC.

After implementation of the project installed electric capacity of the TPP will increase by 120 MW and will make up 400 MW, heat power will increase by 188 Gcal/h up to 1005 Gcal/h. The annual electrical power generation will increase by 464 million kW-h and will reach 1468 million kW-h and the annual heat power output will increase by 730 thous. Gcal and will make up 2854 thous. Gcal.