Power Machines shipped the second generator for La Mina HPP

Power Machines has manufactured and shipped the second hydrogenerator manufactured for La Mina HPP being under construction in Chile. The equipment was shipped from Saint Petersburg by sea transport to the ports of San Antonio (Chile) and San Vicente (Chile). The equipment will be delivered to La Mina HPP construction site by motor transport.

Installation of the second hydropower unit spiral chamber is currently being completed at the construction site. Completion of equipment deliveries and the plant commissioning are scheduled for the end of 2016.

The Contract on design, manufacture and equipment supply for La Mina HPP with capacity of 34 MW was concluded between Power Machines and Colbun company (Chile) in December 2014. Conclusion of the contract was preceded by a contest won by Power Machines, Russian power engineering company, having proposed the best technical and economic solution, including option of the plant operation at the increased capacity of 40 MW.

In accordance with the Contract conditions Power machines designs, manufactures and supplies to the Customer two sets of hydropower units equipment, each including Francis-type hydro turbine along with generator with nominal power of 17 MW, as well as auxiliary electrical and mechanical equipment. In addition to that, Power machines will perform works on installation, commissioning and putting into operation of the HPP electrical and mechanical equipment.

Currently Power Machines also performs the Contract on supply of the full set of equipment for La Frontera HPP with capacity of 120 MW being under construction in Chile. Participation of Power machines in the projects of La Mina HPP and La Frontera HPP creation is a continuation of successful cooperation between the Russian company and the Chilean power engineers.

Quilleco HPP has successfully been working in the country since 2007, where the equipment was supplied by Power machines on the basis of turnkey conditions. La Higuera HPP was put into operation in 2010, where two hydraulic generators each having capacity 77.5 MW operate together with excitation systems manufactured by Power machines.