Power Machines secured electronic document management with the help of StarForce, a Russian IT company

The Russian IT company – Protection Technology LLC (StarForce trademark), by order of PJSC “Power machines”, introduced a system of electronic document protection in the company.

StarForce Content Enterprise’s, modern protection system for electronic documentation, has made it possible to restrict access to electronic documents by converting them into a special format that is accessible for reading only to authorized users. Access can be restricted not only for documents circulating within the organization, but also for documents leaving its borders. In addition to the protection and restriction functionality, there is a function for tracking access to a protected document.

“Power Machines are responsible for confidential information, choosing the best solution for its protection,” commented Vladimir Pulyayev, Information Technologies Director of Power Machines. “The product offered by the Russian company meets all the necessary criteria. During the implementation, the Protection Technology specialists considered the specifics of our business processes, as a result of which the integration of the system into our infrastructure went smoothly and did not cause any inconvenience to users.”

“The fact that large Russian companies are increasingly choosing Russian developers is a very good sign. A couple of years ago, HackerRank published a major study about which countries have the best developers. In this ranking, Russian developers took second place, gaining 99.9 points out of the 100 possible. And now we see in practice that we were highly appreciated not only in ratings, but also in real work,” said Mikhail Kalinichenko, Director General of Protection Technology LLC.

The main parameters of StarForce Content Enterprise meet the requirements for automated systems and protection against unauthorized access to information of the FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) of the Russian Federation (Automated systems. Protection against unauthorized access to information. Classification of automated systems and information security requirements).