Power Machines’ scope of obligations under San Juan HPP construction project in Brazil expanded

Power Machines OJSC are to manufacture and deliver spare parts for two previously built hydraulic generators of hydraulic units at San Juan HPP, which is currently under construction in Brazil, and are also to supervise installation activities.

Relevant supplementary agreements to the contract were signed by Power Machines and Brazil’s state-owned energy company Eletrosul SA. Equipment delivery period is due to terminate this December. 

Earlier, under the contract signed between Power Machines and Energ Power (an engineering company from Brazil) in 2008, and, afterwards, directly between Power Machines and Eletrosul SA (an ultimate contracting authority of the power plant construction), Power Machines manufactured and delivered two hydraulic generators of 39.69 MW each within the framework of the project to build two hydraulic units at San Juan HPP. The first hydraulic unit is to be put into operation in Q4 this year, and the second one – in Q1 2012.

Power Machines’ participation in the Brazil’s hydraulic power plant construction continues the series of successful projects implemented by the company on Latin American energy market. Another two hydraulic power plants furnished with Power Machines’ equipment – Los Caracoles HPP, Argentina and La Higuera HPP, Chile – were put into operation last year. For the Argentina’s power plant Power Machines designed and manufactured two hydraulic units of 60.78 MW each complete with hydromechanical and auxiliary equipment. For the Chile’s hydraulic power plant the power engineering company from Russia manufactured and delivered two hydraulic generators of 77.5 MW each complete with excitation systems. 

Power Machines are currently involved in La Yesca HPP construction in Mexico, for which the company manufactured and delivered two hydraulic turbines and two generators of 375 MW, as well as in Punta Negra HPP construction in Argentina, for which Power Machines are manufacturing two hydraulic turbines of 32 MW each, including pre-turbine gate valves and controllers, and also two generators complete with excitation systems.