Power Machines Refurbishes the Zhiguli HPP’s Hydroturbine Equipment

On December 19, after refurbishing the hydraulic power unit bearing plant No. 20, the Zhiguli Hydraulic Power Plant (a branch of RusHydro) completed the scheduled modernization of its hydraulic power units. The new hydraulic power equipment for the Zhiguli HPP was manufactured by Power Machines.

The equipment of the Zhiguli HPP was refurbished within the framework of the RusHydro Comprehensive Modernization Program (CMP). Each hydraulic power unit had its blade wheel, wicket gate, oil receiver and pilot turbine bearing replaced. Also, new generator rotors were installed. Since modernization, the capacity of the hydraulic power units has increased, their performance characteristics having been improved significantly.

The new turbines made by Power Machines have an improved design, a high capacity, and are distinguished by a high level of environmental safety. As well as the replacement of hydraulic turbines, state-of-the art control systems were installed on all the hydraulic power units.