Power Machines received the Sign of Honour «Made in St. Petersburg»

St. Petersburg enterprises producing the most high-quality products according to the experts received the Signs of Honour "Made in St. Petersburg" at the XIII St. Petersburg partnership of small and medium-sized businesses ceremony.

The following 11 companies received the plaques and diplomas: Power Machines, Oktyabrsky electric car repair plant, Admiralty Shipyards, Sredne-Nevsky and Obukhovsky shipyards, Igristiye Vina, Scientific Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums and Biopharmaceutical Plant, Scientific Research Institute High-Precision mechanics, Diakont, Unitized Beer Companies Heineken and ODK-Klimov.

As Alexander Beglov, the acting Governor of St. Petersburg, noted at the award ceremony, the matter of quality of the products that are produced in the city is of a great importance.

«Made in St. Petersburg» is a brand that should be recognized not only in our city, not only in our country, but also in foreign countries. We strive for that and are ready to provide all possible assistance,» said Beglov.

Director- General of the Executive Directorate of the Industrialists Union and entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, member of the jury, Mikhail Lobin told TASS that companies that apply for the competition are thoroughly examined.

«A large number of companies submit the applications but not all of them manage to undergo a competitive process. This gives the confidence on the part of the city expert community that the product is of a really high quality, and can be used. The company is being examined from all sides, including its stability, economy and its correspondence to the values represented by the sign» - Lobin said. 

Source: https://tass.ru/ekonomika/6210640

Photo: St. Petersburg Administration official site: www.gov.spb.ru/press/photo/