Power Machines produce steam turbine for mineral fertilizers plant in Kazakhstan

Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ JSC) company, member of Power Machines Group, has manufactured and successfully tested a steam turbine for a branch of Kazphosphate LLC, the Mineral Fertilizers plant (town of Taraz, Kazakhstan). 

KTZ JSC entered into a contract to supply P-25-3,4/0,6 turbines with a capacity of 25 MW with Kazphosphate LLC in February 2011. The terms of the contract include the production of the equipment, transportation and installation supervision services. 

Though the P-25 turbine is a batch product of KTZ JSC and similar units are operated at many power plants, under the terms of the contract with Kazphosphate LLC the standard design of the turbine has been modified so that it can function under seismic activity conditions and withstand an earthquake of a magnitude up to 8 points on the MSK-64 scale. 

The turbine produced by KTZ OJSC is to function at a CHP plant being built for a new line for the production of mineral fertilizers at the plant in Taraz.