Power Machines presented current solutions for building an active-adaptive network infrastructure

Strategy Director of PJSC "Power machines" Konstantin Stafeev took part in the Russian networks session - dialogue with manufacturers, which was held as part of the Russian Energy Week (REW) international forum.

The participants in the discussion discussed the key tasks of ensuring the reliability of the integrated power grid, the technological and information security of facilities, and the role of Russian manufacturers in solving them. Special attention was focused on the issues of stability of the power system and its individual nodes.

Power Machines presented the company's experience in creating a wide range of domestic devices of the FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System, flexible AC transmission system) class, necessary for the construction of an intelligent energy system with an active adaptive network.

One of the most important tasks that these devices can solve is to manage power flows in networks and increase the capacity of power lines. This can significantly reduce the cost of capital construction of new facilities, removing the need for new construction where there are restrictions on power transmission.

One of the devices with such functionality is the phase angle regulating transformer. The first phase angle regulating transformer in Russia was produced by a joint venture of Power Machines and Toshiba Corporation and installed at the Volga HPP.

Its application allowed the customer to abandon the construction of new power lines, as well as reduce the cost of connecting the increased capacity of the station to the power system by more than 6 times. The capacity of the electric network was increased due to the redistribution of active power flows and the possibility of flexible regulation of the load of power lines.

The session was attended by Oleg Zhdaneyev, Head of the Center of Technological Development competencies of the Federal Energy Budgetary Institution “Russian Energy Agency of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation”, Anton Isaev, Deputy Director of the Radio-Electronic Industry Department of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, Sergey Sakhnenko, industrial Director of the Rostekh Radio Complex, Deputy Director General for Investment Activities and Capital Construction of ROSSETI PJSC Leonid Neganov, President of Element LLC Ilya Ivantsov, General Director of PKK Milander JSC Mikhail Pavlyuk.

The moderator was Konstantin Mikhailik, Deputy General Director for Operations of PJSC Rosseti.