Power Machines presented a project for modernization of the T-100-130 thermalclamping turbine with a rated capacity of 100 MW

Power Machines developed a project for modernization of the T-100-130 thermalclamping turbine with a rated capacity of 100 MW and reached an agreement on the project implementation at the existing TPP. The modernization works will be carried out for 90 days under the conditions of the existing power facility, without interrupting the power supply of consumers.

The goal of the project is to increase the technical and economic indicators and the capacity of the cogeneration turbine, to renew the life of the main high-temperature assemblies including a simultaneous increase in the operational indicators: reliability, economical efficiency, repair capability, and maneuverability.

Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod of PJSC "Power machines" has developed a wide range of technical solutions which allow them to perform many technological operations in the shortest time possible and with minimal costs. These include subassembly equipment modernization with an increase of technical and economical parameters to the present-day level as well as complete replacement of this type of turbines.

Modernization involves the replacement of the main assemblies of the turbine. Among other things complete replacement of the worn-out wheel space part of the high pressure cylinder will ensure an increase in the efficiency of the wheel space part of the HPC by 8%.

The hydraulic and mechanical regulation system will be completely reconstructed into a modern electric and hydraulic automatic regulation and protection system. This will ensure reliability and high maneuverability of the equipment, reduce the overall insensitivity of the speed control system, and ensure the possibility of the unit's participation in the primary frequency and capacity control in the power system with quality that meets the requirements of JSC SO UES.

Comprehensive modernization will increase the maximum capacity of the turbine, improve economical efficiency and reliability indicators, and reduce the cost of its life cycle.

"At present, the number of manufactured cogeneration turbines with a capacity of 100 to 130 MW is about 260. Most of them are installed in Russia, as part of thermal power plants of such companies as Gazprom Energoholding, Siberian Generating Company, Inter RAO, Tatenergo, and Far-Eastern Generating Company" comments Alexey Kultyshev, Deputy Director General, Sales Director of Power Machines. "Given the natural wear of equipment, a major modernization including the replacement of wheel space parts is required. We are ready to implement such projects, as a result of which the customer will receive a turbine with increased installed capacity and economic efficiency."