Power Machines Performs the Unique Equipment Supply Operation for Sangtudinskaya HPP-1 (Tadzhikistan)

OJSC “Power Machines” has completed the manufacturing and supply of the runner for the first hydraulic unit of Sangtudinskaya HPP-1 (Tadzhikistan). Last night the runner was shipped from the territory of the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and delivered to Pulkovo Airport from where it will be transported to the City of Dushanbe by cargo airplane AN-124 “Ruslan.”

The unique air transportation operation of delivery of such a heavy equipment is performed by the traditional partners of OJSC “Power Machines” – the transport company “Instar Logistics” and Airline “Polyot” which specialize in the transportation of heavy cargo with large dimensions.

The shipping of the cargo for Sangtudinskaya HPP-1 is a complicated operation since the runner diameter (6.36 m) exceeds the dimensions of the runners for Bureyskaya HPP for 2 cm which were manufactured and supplied by Power Machines earlier. Given that the equipment for Sangtudinskaya HPP-1 is heavy and large it was transported across the City of Saint Petersburg in the night time when the traffic is low.

This was the first runner which OJSC “Power Machines” manufactured and shipped for Sangtudinskaya HPP-1 under the contract which provides for the supply of power generating equipment for the four 165.7 MW power units of the power plant currently being under construction. The contract price is equal to approximately USD 100 million. The start-up of the first power unit is scheduled for the end of December 2007.

The Sangtudinskaya HPP-1 construction project is one of the largest power projects in the territory of the CIS. Its completion will both allow to meet the local demand for power in Tadzhikistan, export the power to Pakistan, Afghanistan and supply the power to the regions of Russia suffering the power deficit.