Power Machines open a branch in Brazil

At the board meeting held on July 27 the directors of OJSC Power Machines decided to open a branch in Brazil.

The main purpose of this branch is to allow OJSC Power Machines to promptly approach the wide electric power market of Latin America that is the third largest regional market in the world. Branch will be situated in San Paulo.

Currently the company is working under several major projects in Latin America. Power Machines manufacture and procure equipment for San Juan Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) in Brazil (two 41 MW hydroelectric generators) and La Yesca HPP in Mexico (two 375 MW hydroelectric units). Furthermore, such projects as Quilleco HPP construction (two 36.5 MW hydroelectric units) and La Igera HPP (two 77.5 MW hydroelectric units) in Chile and HPP Los Karakoles (two 65.2 MW hydroelectric units) in Argentina are at the completion stage. Power Machines company has already completed a wide range of major projects implying manufacturing and procurement of hydraulic equipment for 975 MW Aguamilpa HPP in Mexico, 442 MW Uites HPP and 750 MW El Cajon HPP along with 340 MW Urra-1 in Columbia.

The total capacity of the Power Machines equipment used in Latin America is over 8,830 MW. Installed capacity of power plants of Latin America region amounts to 300 GW. The basement of power industry of the region is hydraulic power plants (about 52%) and heat power plants (about 45%).