Power Machines OJSC to ensure efficiency of russian NPPs

Power Machines OJSC begins introduction of a program aimed at upgrading and reinstating the generator equipment installed at Russian nuclear power plants, in order to increase its overhaul cycles under enhanced capacity conditions.

The purpose of the program, developed with the participation of Power Machines OJSC (approved by Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC and covering the period up to 2015), is to ensure reliable operation of turbine generators in new operating conditions before the end of the set and extended service lives of units of Russian nuclear power plants.

As part of the program, Power Machines OJSC will ensure an upgrade of the existing generators with power between 220 MW and 1,000 MW at domestic nuclear power plants, with introduction of state-of-the-art diagnostic systems to monitor equipment operationSpecialist of the power engineering concern shall also deliver, install and commission the equipment at the nuclear power plants.

Under the program, the service life of generators produced by Power Machines OJSC operated at NPPs by Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC will be extended by 25 years, while time between repairs will be increased to two years, and the time between overhauls - to six years. Moreover, NPPs equipped with turbine generators of 1,000 MW capacity will be transferred to an 18-months overhaul period. The main specific feature of the program consists in a comprehensive approach, enabling energy and power engineering specialists to develop plans for longer periods.

The program will ensure operational availability of power units of Russian nuclear power plants for operation at the world's best electricity generation performance level, including in terms of cost-efficiency.

At present, under this program, Power Machines OJSC is implementing the first pilot project – upgrading of the stator and rotor of the turbine generator of 500 MW at the Kursk NPP.