Power Machines OJSC Continue to Supply Equipment to La Yeska HPP, Mexico

Power Machines manufactured the first hydrogenerator for La Yeska HPP, Mexico within the agreed date.

As the final step in presenting the finished equipment to the customer, generator stator sections have been tested at Power Machines’ Elektrosila, which was witnessed by the customer’s representatives. The hydrogenerators division of Elektrosila is about to complete the job of getting the equipment ready for shipment. There are 371 packages being prepared for shipment.

The first consignment of power equipment was sent by Power Machines to La Yeska HPP earlier. It included a turbine room crane, components for two hydroturbines, as well as ancillary hydromechanical equipment. The contract price is over 200 million dollars. Under the contract, the company shall supply two hydroturbines, 375 MW each, two hydrogenerators, and ancillary equipment. The total cost of La Yeska HPP which will become part of the hydropower system on the Rio Grande de Santiago amounts to about 800 million dollars. Two other plants within the system – Aguamilpa HPP and El Cajon HPP – were built earlier with power equipment also supplied by Power Machines.

The first hydroset at La Yeska HPP is expected to be started in January 2012, the second one in April, and the whole project is supposed to be completed in June 2012.