Power Machines OJSC Continue to Participate in the Reconstruction Activities at Thak-Ba HPP, Vietnam

Power Machines OJSC signed a contract for delivery of power equipment for the reconstruction works carried out at the third hydro power unit of Thak-Ba HPP, Vietnam.

The contract for manufacture and delivery of hydrogenerator stator system for Thak-Ba HPP was concluded with Vietnam-based Lilama10 Joint Stock Company, main contractor for reconstruction of the plant’s hydro power unit. In accordance with the terms of the contract the Company will manufacture and supply a new stator system designed for the 42 MW generator. Power Machines shall also carry out supervision of erection work. The equipment is to be delivered in the second quarter 2010, and the erection activities are to be completed in the second quarter 2011. The contract price is over 2.5 million US$.

In 2004 – 2006 Power Machines carried out reconstruction works at Thak-Ba HPP and successfully fulfilled renovation project involving the first and second hydro power units.

Power Machines are currently engaged in a number of projects in Vietnam including construction activities at Uong Bi Thermal Power Plant, Pleykrong Hydro Power Plant, A Vuong Hydro Power Plant and Buon Kuop Hydro Power Plant. 

Thak-Ba HPP (120 MW) was built in 1976. Hydrogenerators installed at the plant were manufactured in 1965 at the facilities of Power Machines’ Elektrosila.