Power Machines OJSC commences manufacturing auxiliary equipment of turbine unit for Blagoveshchenskaya TPP

Power Machines OJSC commenced manufacturing auxiliary equipment of a turbine unit, of which the largest assembly is an LP heater for a steam turbine with capacity of 120 MW.

Currently, Power Machines OJSC the general contractor for the Blagoveshchenskaya TPP construction project, is carrying out activities to renew engineering structures of the main building. The concern also continues manufacturing power equipment and conducts tendering procedures to select suppliers of boiler-auxiliary equipment.

The master contract to construct the 2nd stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP, involving the fulfillment of general contractor’s duties on a turn-key basis, was signed by Power Machines OJSC and Blagoveshchenskaya TPP CJSC following the results of open tendering procedures in December 2013.

Under the terms of the contract, Power Machines OJSC acting in the capacity of a general contractor, takes part in the construction of the 2nd stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP. The company is to perform construction, installation, commissioning and start-up works, and is also to manufacture and supply all necessary equipment, including basic power equipment – a steam turbine with capacity of 120 MW completed with a turbogenerator of in-house production, a coal-fired boiler manufactured at the Taganrog Boiler-Making Works Krasny Kotelshchik (operated by Power Machines OJSC), as well as power and unit transformers to be manufactured by Power Machines – Toshiba High-Voltage Transformers LLC (a joint venture between Power Machines OJSC and Toshiba Corporation).

So far, the project for expansion of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP capacities has passed a complete cycle of inspections and approvals. Favorable conclusions were obtained from the Main State Expert Review Board (Glavgosekspertiza of Russia) with respect to technical and cost estimating sections of project documentation, along with a building permit. Upon request of Sberbank of Russia, engineering company Ernst & Young – Valuation and Advisory Services LLC conducted an independent technical and cost audit of the project. Its results were confirmed at a joint meeting of the UES Science and Technology Board and the RAS Scientific Council, devoted to problems of reliability and safety of large-scale power systems. In early April, Blagoveshchensk hosted a regular session of a task force responsible for expansion of the city’s main thermal power plant.

The 2nd stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP is one of the four projects included in the RusHydro JSC investment program for construction of new power facilities in the Far East, implemented in cooperation with RAO Energy System of East JSC, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. After construction of the 2nd stage, installed power capacity of the power plant is expected to increase by 120 MW up to 400 MW and its thermal capacity is expected to increase by 188 GCal/h up to 1005 GCal/h. Annual output will reach 464 million kWh, and the annual electricity supply - 427.0 million kWh. The power plant is to be fuelled by coal mined at the Yerkovetsky open-pit coal mine (Amur Region). The construction project completion is scheduled for late 2015. The customer and developer of the project for construction of the 2nd stage of the Amur Region’s largest producer of thermal power is Blagoveshchenskaya TPP CJSC (a 100% subsidiary of RusHydro JSC). Comprehensive management of activity of all RusHydro JSC subsidiaries (customers and developers), which were specifically established to construct thermal generation facilities in the Far East, is exercised by RAO Energy System of East JSC, operated by the RusHydro Group.