Power Machines offer a new service – small upgrades

As part of the development of the Power Machines service line, the company offers their customers a new service for small upgrades aimed at improving individual structural components and equipment operation technology during scheduled station repairs.

The proposed package solutions that apply to steam turbines, generators, automation systems, as well as boiler and auxiliary equipment of the machine hall, will allow the customer with a relatively small investment to get a tangible effect from ongoing upgrades that do not require unscheduled equipment shutdowns.

The service was formed by Power Machines specialists based on the results of surveys conducted among customers. The package of proposals summarizes the many years of experience of the company, includes various options for small upgrades and combines all the solutions created and successfully tested in this area.

“We value the time of our customers, and we aim to offer a wide range of optimal solutions on a one-stop-shop basis,” commented Viktor Larioshkin, Power Machines, Deputy General Director and Head of the Service Division. “Turning to us, the client can immediately order packages of services for almost all types of main equipment of the machine hall.”

The result of a small upgrade is an increase in power, reliability and maneuverability of equipment, extension of the service life, minimization of equipment downtime, as well as a reduction in the timing of repairs.

More details about the service of small upgrades can be found on the company's website at www.power-m.ru/customers/mm or by subscribing to the electronic newsletter – for this you need to send a request to PMservice@power-m.ru