Power Machines manufactured steam turbine for Omskaya TPP-3

Power Machines manufactured and tested a 120 MW steam turbine destined for Omskaya TPP-3. The tests were conducted on a turning gear in compliance with the testing program. The control parameters of the turbine were within the boundaries of acceptable values.

Currently the turbine that has been accepted by the customer’s representatives is being disassembled and prepared to the shipment scheduled for March. The new turbine will replace its 50 MW predecessor manufactured in 1963 by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, which is currently a part of Power Machines OJSC.

The contract stipulating production and delivery of the equipment for turbine set No.10 of Omskaya TPP-3 was signed by Power Machines and TGK-11 in December 2013. The contract signing was preceded by a tender for equipment supply to Omskaya TPP-3. The tender was won by Power Machines OJSC that has been awarded the contract.

Pursuant to the contract, Power Machines shall manufacture and supply to the customer a 120 MW steam turbine complete with a turbogenerator and auxiliary equipment within the turbine set. Power Machines’ experts will also supervise mounting, commissioning and start-up works and train the power plant’s operating personnel. The equipment supplies are scheduled to terminate in April 2015.

Earlier, in January 2015, Power Machines delivered a turbogenerator that had been manufactured in December 2014 to the Omskaya TPP-3 site.

As a result of the equipment renovation, capacity of power unit No. 10 of Omskaya TPP-3 will increase from 50 MW to 120 MW. 

This project involves the participation of Taganrog’s Krasny Kotelshchik Boiler-Making Plant, a part of Power Machines OJSC, that manufactured and shipped to Omskaya TPP-3 three high-pressure heaters PVD-550, as well as a quick acting protection device to them. Taganrog Boiler-Making Plant’s standard equipment that has proven itself at various TPPs will be installed in the power plant’s machine hall as part of the turbine set regeneration system. Its operation will make it possible to enhance the efficiency of the turbine and the entire power unit.