Power Machines manufactured one-of-a-kind equipment for Mosenergo

Power Machines finished the manufacture and integrated tests of a new asynchronized 160-MW turbine generator and an excitation system for Mosenergo’s third power unit.

Asynchronized 160-MW turbine generators are one of the types of modern multi-function machines providing the technology of flexible (controlled) ac power transmission systems. The Power Machines’ equipment, being included into a combined-cycle steam plant, simultaneously provides a source of electrical power, solves the problem of the compensation of excessive reactive power in energy systems of large megalopolises and prevents the rise of voltage to the level hazardous for the electrical isolation in the equipment of electrical power systems and networks.

The construction of the third power unit of Mosenergo’s TPP 27 began in December 2005. The 450-MW power unit will be the most heavy-duty unit in Moscow capable of bringing light to about 400 apartments. The estimated time of putting the new power unit into operation is the 4th quarter of 2007.

Today, Mosenergo is one of Power Machines’ key customers; the total sum of the supply contracts is over 10 billion rubles.
The growth concept of the domestic power industry, which was developed by United Power Systems of Russia, provides for a wide use of asynchronized generators at power stations. At present, Power Machines carries out the supply of asynchronized generators for Mosenergo’s TPP 21 and Kashirskaya GRES, as well as the supply of a heavy-duty reactive compensator for the Beskudnikovo substation.