Power Machines manufactured next-generation steam turbine

Power Machines manufactured for EnergoProject CJSC, main contractor for the construction of a new power generating unit No. 3 at Kharanorskaya TPP, a prototype steam turbine of the К-225-12,8-3 type rated at 225 MW, which is now being dispatched to the customer’s site.

Under the contract, signed in summer of 2007, Power Machines designed, manufactured and tested the 225 MW steam turbine, as well as a turbine generator and auxiliary equipment for currently being constructed power generating unit of Kharanorskaya TPP located in the Trans-Baikal region and affiliated with OGK-3 OJSC. The company’s contractual obligations include installation supervision and start-up activities.

The К-225 steam turbine was produced at facilities of Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, Power Machines’ branch, with the use of advanced heat-proof materials and latest technology. It is more efficient and has higher performance as compared to previous-generation machines. This unit is expected to replace medium-capacity standard turbines used in numerous thermal power plants in Russia and abroad.

Earlier, within the project to construct the power generating unit No. 3 of 225 MW capacity at Kharanorskaya TPP, Power Machines had manufactured and dispatched to the site a fully air-cooled turbine generator – also the company’s in-house development. As of today, this is Power Machines’ most powerful fully air-cooled turbine generator. Furthermore, under the contract with OGK-3 company, Power Machines’ branches are currently completing manufacturing of two similar steam turbines and two turbine generators for power units Nos. 8 and 9 of Cherepetskaya TPP in Tulskaya Oblast.

Kharanorskaya TPP’s new power unit is expected to help increase the total capacity of the plant, which covers half of Trans-Baikal energy system's demand in power energy, from 430 MW to 655 MW.