Power Machines manufactured a New Turbine Generator for Beloyarskaya NPP

Power Machines manufactured and successfully tested a prototype 890 MW turbine generator destined for Beloyarskaya NPP’s fourth power unit, which is currently under construction. Following the results of comprehensive tests the Customer accepted the new equipment.

The contract to supply a set of basic equipment for the turbine hall of Beloyarskaya NPP’s 800 MW unit, which is currently under construction, was signed by Power Machines and ZIOMAR Engineering Company, OJSC in 2007. Power Machines’ contractual undertakings include manufacturing and supplying an 800 MW steam turbine and auxiliary equipment as well as an 890 MW turbine generator. Power Machines Company is also responsible for installation supervision and technical management of start-up operations.

The new turbine generator produced by Power Machines meets all the applicable standards and features high performance and thermal efficiency.

For Russia’s nuclear industry, Beloyarskaya NPP’s fourth power unit with a fast neutron reactor is an innovative project. Currently operated at Beloyarskaya NPP is the third power unit with the БН-600 type reactor plant. This unit has served as the prototype for the new one and is world’s largest fast neutron reactor power unit capable of electric energy production and nuclear-fuel conversation.