Power Machines manufactured a new generator for Kirovskaya TPP-3 belonging to IES-Holding

Power Machines OJSC manufactured, tested and handed over to the customer a TZFG air-cooled turbogenerator with a capacity of 180 MW for the power unit at Kirovskaya TPP-3. 

The new 180 MW turbogenerator is designed to interface with a gas turbine. It's been developed and manufactured in dimensions equal to those of 160 MW air-cooled turbogenerators, which are commercially produced by Power Machines and successfully used at power plants in Russia and abroad. A prototype model of the 180 MW turbogenerator for Permskaya TPP-9 was produced by Power Machines in September this year. 

Power Machines are contracted to supply packages of equipment for five new power units which are being built within the frames of an investment programme carried out by IES-Holding. They are to be basic elements of the ССPPs at Kirovskaya TPP-3, Izhevskaya TPP-1, Vladimirskaya TPP-2, Permskaya TPP-9 and Novo-Bogoslovskaya TPP. 

Under the terms of the contracts, Power Machines are to supply each of these power plants with a package of equipment comprising a GTE-160 gas turbine, a 180 MW generator, an excitation system and a static frequency converter, an automatic gas turbine control system, an air filter facility, and auxiliary equipment for the gas turbine unit. 

Moreover, Power Machines are to provide installation supervision services, train the customer’s personnel at the construction site, take part in commissioning and carry out comprehensive run-up and warranty tests. 

The equipment is due for delivery to the customers in Q3 2012.