Power Machines manufactured 1st Russian medium capacity gas turbine

OJSC "Power machines" manufactured and successfully tested the specimen of gas turbine unit GTE-65 of 65 MW capacity for TPP-9 of Mosenergo. This is the 1st Russian medium capacity gas turbine (within the range from 50 to 100 MW) of domestic production.

Equipment for GTE-65 was manufactured by Power Machines’ branches, gas turbine by Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, generator by Electrosila.

Start-up and development works will be held within 2 years. GTE-65 is planned to be commissioned in spring 2010.

Stationary gas turbine unit GTE-65 has greater possibilities and may be used at technical refurbishment of power plants and at construction of new power plants. GTE-65 unit is destined to be used with combines stem power units from 90 to 180 MW: with steam turbine of 30 MW and with two gas turbine units, two recovery boiler and with a steam turbine of 60 MW. The unit can supply thermal power and work both with combined cycle units and independently.

“Realization of project of development of GTE-65 will let the new model of high efficient gas turbine unit break into power market which will help to extend the range of Power Machines products to strengthen the company’s position within the field of gas turbine manufacture”, said Alexander Lebedev, Chef Designer of gas turbines of Power Machines.