Power Machines manufacture the first hydrogenerator for Punta Negra HPP in Argentina

Power Machines OJSC has manufactured hydrogenerator equipment for the first hydropower unit of Punta Negra HPP being under construction in Argentina. All the generator assemblies and components (74 pieces of freight in total) have been packed. The excitation system equipment is ready to be shipped as well.

Power Machines and the general contractor for the turn-key project of the hydro power plant construction - Argentinian UTE Consortium (Techint and Panedile companies) - signed a contract to supply hydropower equipment for Punta Negra HPP in 2011.

Under the contract terms Power Machines are to manufacture and supply two hydro turbines each with a capacity of 32 MW, pre-turbine gate valves and automatic control systems, as well as two generators complete with excitation systems to Argentinian power engineers.

Punta Negra HPP is expected to be put into operation in the end of 2015. At present Power Machines are working on manufacturing of the second hydrogenerator and hydroturbine equipment.

Participation in the construction of the Argentinian power plant is a continuation of Power Machines successful activity in the Latin American energy market. Two new HPPs fitted out with equipment produced by Power Machines - Los Caracoles HPP in Argentina and La Higuera HPP in Chile - were launched in 2010. For the Argentinian power plant Power Machines designed and manufactured two hydropower units each with a capacity of 60.78 MW complete with auxiliary hydromechanical equipment. For the hydro power plant in Chile the Russian power engineering company manufactured and supplied two hydrogenerators each with a capacity of 77.5 MW complete with excitation systems.. In 2012 two hydropower units each having a capacity of 375 MW were put into operation at Mexican La Yesca HPP for which Power Machines supplied two hydrogenerators together with auxiliary equipment and completed the turn-key design and installation of the turbine hall electrical and mechanical equipment. Earlier in 2008–2009 Power Machines manufactured and supplied two hydrogenerators each with a capacity of 41 MW to São João hydro power plant in Brazil.