Power Machines manufacture equipment for Punta Negra HPP

Power Machines OJSC has manufactured the main equipment for the first hydropower unit of Punta Negra HPP being built in Argentina.

Power Machines and the UTE company (consortium of the Techint and Panedile construction companies) from Argentina concluded a contract to supply main power generating equipment for two hydropower units of Punta Negra HPP in 2011.

Under the contract terms Power Machines will manufacture and supply two radial-axial hydropower turbines each having a capacity of 31.62 MW, including pre-turbine gate valves with a diameter of 2.6 m, adjusting equipment as well as two generators complete with excitation systems.

By now the company has produced and presented to the customer's representative the main equipment for the first hydropower unit's turbine, including the impeller and guide vanes. In addition, it has manufactured generators and excitation systems for the two hydropower units.