Power Machines manufacture equipment for a CCPP in Kolpino

Kaluga Turbine Works (KTZ OJSC) company, member of Power Machines Group, has manufactured and successfully tested power generating equipment for a new power unit being built in Kolpino district of Saint Petersburg.

In February 2011 KTZ OJSC and Soyuz Power Development Corporation OJSC (Moscow) signed a contract to supply a Т-25/33-7,6/0,12 steam turbine with a capacity of 33 MW for a combined cycle power plant (CCPP) to be installed at a 110 MW TPP in Kolpino. The terms of the contract include design, manufacture, supply and installation supervision of the equipment. 

At present the capacity of Kolpino TPP, which was put into operation in the fifties, amounts to 25 MW. After starting up the power unit equipped with this CCPP, the new TPP additional electrical capacity is going to comprise 110 MW. The need to build a new highly economical power unit stems from the lack of power generating facilities in the district. The new power unit equipped with the CCPP is to be put into operation in Q1 2013.