Power Machines manufacture and ship two equipment sets to renovate power units at Syrdaryinskaya TPP, Uzbekistan

Power Machines OJSC has manufactured and shipped two sets of turbine equipment, intended to renovate two power units at Syrdaryinskaya TPP and thereby increase the rated capacity of each power unit up to 325 MW.

Power Machines OJSC and Syrdaryinskaya TPP OJSC (part of State Joint-Stock Company Uzbekenergo) entered into the contract to renovate power units at Syrdaryinskaya TPP in 2013.

Following its provisions, Power Machines renovated turbine, generating, boiler and auxiliary equipment for the first and second power units at Syrdaryinskaya TPP and thereby also integrated automated process control systems (APCS) and provided construction and installation, installation supervision and commissioning services.

The renovation is expected to add 50 MW to the total aggregate capacity of two power units at the largest power plant in Central Asia. The aggregate capacity of the two renovated power units will total 650 MW.

The power engineering company of St. Petersburg is currently shipping generating equipment for Syrdaryinskaya TPP.

Subsidiaries of the power engineering group have also been engaged in the contract performance: TKZ Krasny Kotelshchik PJSC is to manufacture and supply boiler equipment for the TPPʼs two power units (boiler heating surfaces and improvement packages for RVP-68 type regenerative air heaters); Kaluga Turbine Works OJSC has renovated feed pump drive turbines with a capacity of 12 MW each.