Power Machines manufacture a turbogenerator for TPP-20 belonging to Mosenergo

Power Machines OJSC has manufactured, tested and handed over a prototype model of a 30 MW turbogenerator designed for TPP-20 belonging to Mosenergo OJSC to the customer . 

A contract to supply the generator for TPP-20 power unit was signed with Mosenergo in March 2011. In accordance with its terms Power Machines are to supply a complete 30 MW air-cooled generator which is going to replace the existing 25 MW hydrogen-cooled generator. Moreover, the responsibilities of the power engineering company include installation supervision and commissioning services. 

The prototype model of TAP-30-2UZ generator has been designed on the basis of a 25 MW generator, which is manufactured by Power Machines, without increasing the overall dimensions. In order to improve the new generator’s rated capacity, the original design has been amended so as to reduce the stator and rotor winding heating. 

The low-capacity (from 6 to 30 MW) generators product line of Power Machines is notable for high efficiency and optimum technical and economic indicators.