Power Machines manufacture a turbogenerator for the fourth power unit of Rostovskaya NPP

Power Machines OJSC has manufactured and tested a 1100 MW turbogenerator designed for the fourth power unit of Rostovskaya NPP. The obtained results have proved the conformity of main electric parameters to their design values as well as full compliance of the generator with the requirements of normative-technical documentation.

The contracts to manufacture and supply a complete set of turbogenerator equipment and two driving turbines designed to drive steam generators feed pumps of the fourth power unit being built at Rostovskaya NPP were signed with Directorate for Integrated Ordering of Equipment for NPPs OJSC, member of the Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation in December 2011.

Under the terms of the contracts Power Machines are to manufacture and deliver a TVV-1000-4UZ turbogenerator with increased capacity up to 1100 MW complete with an excitation system, an exciter and auxiliary systems as well as two drive turbines by Kaluga Turbine Works OJSC, member of the Power Machines Group, to the plant. The drive turbines are to be manufactured and handed over to the customer by the end of November this year. Moreover, Power Machines’ obligations include services on the installation supervision and commissioning of this equipment as well as its delivery to the NPP site, which is planned for 2015 according to the construction schedule.

Previously, in December 2011, Power Machines also manufactured, tested and handed over a new turbogenerator for the third power unit of Rostovskaya NPP to the customer. Upon the customer’s request the generator was manufactured with a capacity increased up to 1100 MW. The Company also supplied two complete sets of drive turbines rated at 12 MW for the third power unit of Rostovskaya NPP. At present works on mounting of the equipment are underway at the third power unit of Rostovskaya NPP. The power unit is to be put into commercial operation in the end of 2014.