Power Machines manufacture a turbogenerator for Ryazanskaya TPP (OGK-2 JSC)

Power Machines OJSC has manufactured tested and prepared for shipment to the customer a 350 MW turbo generator designed for the second power unit of Ryazanskaya TPP ahead of the contractual terms.

A contract to upgrade the second power unit of Ryazanskaya TPP, specifying complete replacement of the steam turbine and generator, was signed in 2008. In accordance with its terms Power Machines are to manufacture and deliver a 330 MW turbine, a 350 MW hydrogen-water cooled turbo generator and auxiliary electrical equipment to the plant. Moreover, the responsibilities of the power engineering company include services on installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment supplied. The delivery is to be completed in Q3 2012.

At present Power Machines continue to manufacture the turbine for the second power unit of Ryazanskaya TPP. The turbine is scheduled to be handed over to the client in June this year.

Seven power units (including two 800 MW units) function at Ryazanskaya TPP. Their main power generating equipment has been previously manufactured at Power Machines’ facilities.