Power Machines manufacture a condenser for the second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP

Power Machines OJSC, primary contractor for the second stage of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP construction, manufactures and dispatches a condenser, one of major power unit components.

A 220-ton condenser was disassembled and loaded on motor and railway transport for the purposes of sending to construction site of Blagoveshchenskaya TPP.

Condenser, being a TPP power unit component, is designed for cooling and condensing of steam passing through the turbine. 

As yet Power Machines have finished the construction of boiler unit foundation and commenced construction of turbine set subbase footing and the boiler accessories foundation. Concurrently boiler casing installation is being carried out on the boiler unit foundation, along with boiler site joint activity in the building yard. Besides, Power Machines have commenced construction of cooling tower foundations, general construction work at the transformer yard, as well as fireproofing and anticorrosive treatment of the main building steelworks.