Power Machines launch development of low-speed steam turbine for nuclear power plants

Power Machines launch development of technical project for low-speed steam turbine K-1200-6,8/25 of 1200 MW capacity with the speed of rotation 1500 rotations per minute for nuclear power plants. The turbine is going to become the most powerful low-speed turbine in Russia and the CIS.

The technical project of the low-speed turbine will be completed by July 2009. The whole project will be completed in the end of 2013.

Development of the turbine demands a complex of scientific and research and design works, model tests and full scale tests, technological treatment of production such as development of new technological process and equipment.

Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, branch of Power Machines, is planned to fulfill the project. At the present time LMZ is the only turbine manufacturer in Russia that has a longstanding experience in production of steam turbines of 1200 MW for nuclear power plants. Though, due to traditional specialization which comes from the Soviet times, LMZ used to produce high-speed turbines with the speed of rotation 3000 rotations per minute. By the present time LMZ’s high-speed turbines of 1000 MW capacity have been installed at Kalininskaya NPP (Russia), Khmelnitskaya NPP, Rovenskaya, Yuzhno-Ukrainskaya NPP (Ukrain), Tianwan NPP (China) and Kudankulam NPP (India). Ltely an agreement has been reached regarding the supplies of million-strong turbines for Tianwan NPP and Kudankulam NPP extension and construction of Belene NPP (Bulgaria). Further on May 28, 2008 Power Machines and Atomenergoprom signed contracts for supplies of main power equipment including high-speed turbines of 1200 MW for Novovoronezhskaya NPP-2 and Leningradskaya NPP-2 under construction.

Taking into account experience of creation of more technologically complicated powerful high-speed turbines Power Machines possesses all necessary project solutions and design developments for design and manufacture of low-speed turbines of 1200 MW for prospective nuclear units with BBЭР-type reactors.

Development of low-speed turbine is aimed at the extension of the range of the company’s products in accordance with the development trends in the field of nuclear power generation to promote Power Machines as universal turbine equipment supplier’, said Igor Kostin, CEO of Power Machines.