Power Machines intend to build an experimental thermal power plant in the Kashirsky district of the Moscow region

PJSC «Power machines» reports on the plans to build an experimental thermal power plant (TPP) with a total capacity of 1.4 GW in the Kashirsky district of the Moscow region, which will create at least 500 new jobs in the region. The investment amount is estimated at 100 billion rubles.

Power Machines intends to implement the project independently or jointly with an industrial partner under the mechanism of competitive capacity outtake of new generating facilities. 

The construction of the experimental TPP is required for the development of high-tech equipment – prototype models of GTP-65 and GTP-170 domestic gas turbines, which the company started to produce in 2018. 

The successful development of gas turbine production technology by the Russian company will reduce the dependence on the import of this equipment and ensure the energy and process security of the country. 

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC «Power machines» Alexey Mordashov addressed the Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov with a proposal for the construction of TPP. The possibility of construction of TPP in the region was previously worked out with the Government of the Moscow region and JSC «SO UES». According to the analysis of potential sites, the Kashirsky district of the Moscow region has been recognized as the most feasible for the construction. 

The substantial argument in deciding on the possible construction site was the scheduled decommissioning of inefficient generating capacities in the district and, in the future, the high demand for electric power. 

The company hopes for fruitful collaboration with the region aimed at the development of innovative domestic products and technologies for the fuel and energy complex.