Power Machines hold meeting with Global Energy International prize winners

Power Machines held a research and practical symposium "Energy of Thought" within the framework of the Week of the Global Energy International Prize Winners.

Michael Gretzel, a 2017 Global Energy prize winner, Igor Lobovsky, Global Energy Association President, and Vyacheslav Andreyev, Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute Professor gave reports at a meeting with the representatives of the power engineering company's engineering center.

The meeting was moderated by Yuri Petrenya, Power Machines Vice-CEO and General designer, Professor, Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The symposium was opened by Roman Filippov, PJSC Power Machines CEO. He highlighted the significance of the meetings of the Energy of Thought youth prize winners with the company engineers and designers.

Dr. Michael Gretzel, the developer of cost effective and efficient photocells known as the "Gretzel cells", told the meeting about his invention, its application areas, and industrial introduction. In his report, Michael Gretzel dwelled upon the results achieved in the development of materials for solar energetics and emphasized the practical significance of solar cells being a cost effective alternative to the expensive and complicated silicon photogalvanic arrays.

Prof. Vyacheslav Andreyev, Doctor of Science (physico-mathematical), head of Photoelectric Converters Laboratory of the RAS Ioffe  Physico-Technical Institute, the author of a suite of pioneering studies in the sphere of technology and physics of semiconductor instruments with heterojunctions for optoelectronics, presented his research in a report on "Concentrator Solar Photovoltaic Energetics".

The second, practical part of the symposium was devoted to a traditional round-table discussion "Energy of Youth" with the participation of the winners of the Russian national competition of youth research projects bearing the same name from Korolev, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg.


The Global Energy international prize is the world's most prestigious scientific award in the sphere of energetics. The prize was established by decision of the President of the Russian Federation, who awards it annually during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The prize laureates are outstanding scientists who have made an overarching contribution to the development of world energetics. At present, they are 35 people from 11 countries. The prize winners are chosen the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee whose members are 20 distinguished scientists from 13 countries.

Working with the young generation of power engineers is one of the most important activities for the Global Energy Association. Active young scientists generating new ideas are the future of the Russian power engineering industry. By supporting them, the Association supports the innovative path of the development of power engineering. In particular, this is the purpose of "Energy of Youth", the annual Russian national competition of youth research projects in the sphere of energetics. A total of 204 young scientists from 40 Russian research centers have won it already. The total amount of grants allocated to them is 41.5 million rubles.