Power Machines hold a competition for developers of control programs and manufacturing processes

Power Machines announced the launch of the Techno Challenge open technical competition for developers of control programs and manufacturing processes.

Engineering companies and talented engineers ready to develop breakthrough solutions in turbine blade processing technology are invited to participate.

Participants will have to create and protect a draft technological solution for processing turbine blades, work it out in the conditions of existing production and implement it on a batch of products in accordance with the requirements for quality, productivity and low costs.

The winner will receive a cash reward of 20% of the confirmed annual economic benefit.

“Development is unthinkable without creativity and the constant search for new ideas and approaches, which is why Power Machines supports rational thinkers and developers – both within the company and beyond. We invite both our specialists and representatives of other enterprises to participate in the competition, and we hope that this work will be productive,” commented Alexander Ivanovsky, General Designer of Power Machines.