Power Machines have upgraded another hydropower unit of Volzhskaya HPP

On March 31, 2017 hydropower unit with station No. 2 was put in commission at Volzhskaya HPP (branch of RusHydro) after upgrading.

According to the hydropower unit upgrading project the works on replacing of hydro turbine, generator, excitation system, system of automatic equipment and auxiliary equipment have been performed.   

The new hydropower unit features improved technical characteristics, which will help increase its power in future by 10.5 МW. The equipment renewal is being carried out in accordance with the Integrated upgrading program (IUP) of RusHydro.

Hydropower unit No.2 has been upgraded in accordance with the long-term contract between RusHydro and Power Machines, made in 2011. Power Machines, as the General Contractor, is responsible for disassembly and installation of equipment, installation supervision, and start-up and commissioning works. Presently, 16 hydro turbines and 8 generators of 22 have been replaced at the power plant.

Power Machines plan to finish upgrading of hydropower unit No. 1 this year. On top of that, turbine and generator replacement works of hydropower unit No. 15, commissioning of which is planned for 2018, are under way. Generators system of excitation replacement works are also in progress.