Power Machines Have Modernized the Penultimate Hydroelectric Unit of the Zhiguli HPP

Within the framework of the RusHydro comprehensive upgrade program, the Power Machines specialists have completed the upgrade of hydroelectric unit No. 11, the nineteenth out of twenty hydroelectric units of the Zhiguli HPP.

In the process of the works, lasting 10 months, the hydroelectric unit turbine was replaced by a new one, manufactured by the Power Machines at the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod in Saint Petersburg. The turbine has an improved design, better performance characteristics and is highly environmentally friendly.

The runner of the new turbine has five blades (the previous one was six-bladed) and is designed for a higher hydroelectric unit water flow, ensuring an increase in power. The revamped hydroelectric unit has also received a modern control system. Later, once the equipment has been re-marked, and the System Operator has completed the certification, the installed capacity of the hydroelectric unit will increase from 115 MW to 125.5 MW.

20 hydroelectric units are installed at the Zhiguli HPP, of which six were modernized before 2010. In 2010, another agreement providing for the upgrade of the remaining 14 hydroelectric units was signed between the RusHydro and the Power Machines companies. After hydroelectric unit No. 11 has been put into operation, only one hydroelectric unit is left to upgrade at the power plant. Work is planned for completion in November 2017. Once the upgrade is complete, the total power of the Zhiguli HPP will increase by 147 MW and reach 2488 MW.