Power Machines have manufactured a turbogenerator for Vojany TPP, Slovakia

OJSC Power Machines manufactured, tested, and handed over a turbogenerator with a capacity of 110 MW, designed for the 5th power unit of Vojany TPP in Slovakia.

The contract to manufacture and supply power equipment was signed by Power Machines with the Slovak company Slovenské elektrárne, a member of the Enel Group, in May 2010. 

Under the terms of the Contract, Power Machines are manufacturing and are to supply a К-110-140 steam turbine and TFP-110-2/13.8 turbo generator with a capacity of 110 MW to the site in order to replace similar machines at the plant’s 5th power unit. The equipment is to be supplied in Q4 2011. 

Having been successfully tested, the generator was dismantled, packed, and prepared for shipping to the plant. Power Machines are currently manufacturing a steam turbine for the Slovak plant.