Power Machines has won the tender for supply of a turbogenerator for the Heat-Electric Generating Plant – 23 (TETs – 23) of OAO “Mosenergo”

OJSC “Power Machines” has won the tender for supply of the 110 MW turbogenerator set for reconstruction of the second power unit of TETs – 23 of OAO “Mosenergo.”

OAO “Mosenergo” is the Customer of the project and TETs-23 is a division thereof. The Russian power engineering companies OAO “Elsib” and OAO “Privod” were the competitors of Power Machines in the tender. Based on the aggregate of the technical characteristics and the price offer the Power Machine’s bid has been given preference.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract PJSC “Power Machines” will supply the 110 MW turbogenerator ТЗФП-110-2МУЗ along with the excitation system. The equipment supply is scheduled for August 2008.

PJSC “Power Machines” has been given good references in relation to the turbogenerator of this type. Turbogenerators of this type have already been installed at TETs-27 of OAO “Mosenergo,” OAO “Ivanovskie PGU,” Nevinnomysskaya HPP, TPP “Voyany” (Slovakia), etc.