Power Machines has signed the contract for equipment supply to Zagorsk Pumped Storage Power Plant-2

The OJSC Power Machines and the OJSC Zagorsk PSPP-2 have signed the contract for supply of turbine pumps for Zagorsk PSPP-2 (pumped storage power plant) under construction, with the cost about 3 billion roubles.

According to the project conditions, Power Machines will provide designing, manufacturing, model tests and delivery of four turbine pumps for four power units of the plant with capacity of 214 MW each. The equipment will be delivered to the customer within the period from 2009 to 2011. Besides that, Power Machines will carry out supervised erection works.

The power plant construction is planned to be finished in 2012.

Zagorsk PSPP-2 with design capacity of 840 MW it will be constructed near the existing Zagorsk PSPP. The new power plant is included into the general plan of arrangement of power facilities up to 2020 approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The construction Zagorsk PSPP-2 is required to level up daily production schedules in the power supply system of the Moscow region by means of production and consumption of electric energy, regulation of active and reactive power and voltage in the power supply system.

This is the second pumped storage power plant of such great size in Russia. Power equipment for the first similar station – Zagorsk PSPP – was also supplied by factories of Power Machines in the mid 1980s.

A pumped storage power plant (PSPP) is a pumping and accumulating power plant whose principle of operation (accumulation) consists in transformation of the electric energy received from other power plants into potential energy of water. PSPP operates in a cyclic mode: at low power consumption in pumping mode, it feeds water from the downstream to the upstream channel of the plant, then using it in turbine mode during peak hours of loading.