Power Machines has performed an important stage of hydropower unit upgrade of Votkinskaya HPP

A new runner has been assembled and installed into a shaft of hydropower unit No.4 of Votkinskaya HPP (branch of RusHydro, PJSC). This is the first machine upgraded under the contract of 2014 between RusHydro and Power Machines, providing for replacement of all hydropower units of the hydroplant.  Equipment replacement works are being carried out in the framework of Integrated upgrading program (IUP) of RusHydro.

A new runner unlike the old one, developed in 1960s of XX century, is provided with five blades instead of four, which will help increase the service life thereof due to decreasing load in the root section. The hydro turbine features an increased efficiency factor and improved performance characteristics. Oil is absent in the cavity of runner body, where the blade-operating mechanism is located, which makes a new turbine environmentally safe.

Commissioning of the new hydropower unit No.4 is planned for June 2017. Up to that moment, it remains to perform turbine installation, assembly of rotor and other generator units, installation of generator electric systems, installation of equipment of auxiliary systems, start-up and commissioning works.

Under the terms of the contract, Power Machines shall design, manufacture and deliver to Votkinskaya HPP before 2026 ten sets of water-power equipment, either of which includes adjustable-blade turbine in set with an automatic control system, hydrogenerator as well as the auxiliary equipment of hydro power unit. Execution of the installation, installation supervision and start-up and commissioning works is provided for in the contract.

The upgrading will result in full replacement of all hydropower units of HPP with a possibility of hydropower units operation at surge heights with increase of power plant maximum capacity up to 1,150 MW.