Power Machines has completed a regular export order

The Power Machines company has manufactured, tested and shipped the spare runner of the hydroturbine for the Quilleco HPP in Chile.

The new spare runner is similar to the ones manufactured by Power Machines in 2005 – 2007 for this HPP. In case of the scheduled repair works of the hydropower unit at the plant connected with the runner inspection, its replacement for the spare one will allow minimizing downtime and filling in electrical power as soon as possible.

Contract for manufacture of the hydroturbine runner for the Chilean company Colbun S.A. was signed in February, 2014.

Latin America is one of the higher-priority presence regions of Power Machines. Today the company actively participates in the development of Chile hydropower implementing the projects on construction of two HPP: La Mina and La Frontera. Power Machines representative office in Chile operates since 2005.


For HPP La Mina Power Machines manufactures and supplies two hydropower units equipment sets each includes Francis-type hydro turbine complete with the generator with nominal capacity of 17 MW, and accessory electromechanical equipment. The relevant contract was signed with company Colbun in December, 2014. Completion of the equipment supplies and the plant commissioning are scheduled for 2016.

For HPP La Frontera Power Machines manufactures and supplies two hydroturbines with capacity of 55 MW, one 10 MW turbine complete with generators and hydromechanical equipment. The contract was signed with a company Inversiones Frontera Sur (Chile) in October, 2015. Completion of the equipment supplies and the plant commissioning are scheduled for 2019.

HPP Quilleco is the first hydro power plant in Chile, where the Power Machines equipment has been mounted. The relevant contract was signed by Power Machines and Colbun company in March, 2005. According to the project conditions Power Machines has designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned the Francis-type hydro turbines with regulators, the hydrogenerators with excitation systems and accessory electric and mechanical equipment for two hydro power plants with a capacity of 36.5 MW each. The hydropower units were put into operation in 2007.