Power Machines handed over to the Customer the equipment for Djerdap-2 HPP (Serbia)

Bench tests have successfully been completed at Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, a Power Machines OJSC’s branch, for the last but not the least tenth governor manufactured in accordance with the Djerdap-2 HPP (Serbia) modernization project.

The contract with the total value of about 3 million dollars for modernization of the governing system for ten turbines of Jerdap-2 hydroelectric power plant was entered into in 2005 by Power Machines OJSC and Djerdap, a state-owned enterprise being a part of Serbian Electrical Service. In accordance with the design, the hydro turbine speed governors should be replaced at the Serbian HPP by up-to-date governors provided with microprocessor-based electronic cubicles and the oil pressure units and turbine automatic control devices should be modernized, both at the main power plant and at additional power plants.

The Power Machines’ contract obligations include the designing and delivery of equipment for modernization of the hydraulic turbine automatic control systems as well as contractor's supervision over installation, testing and commissioning of the equipment delivered.

By the present time Power Machines specialists have successfully performed commissioning for the governing equipment delivered at the HPP on five power plant hydraulic units. On the basis of the results of commissioning, load rejection and integrated trial operation in the grid, the equipment has been recognised as fit for operation.

Until the end of 2010, Power Machines will have to perform commissioning and acceptance tests at the remaining five hydraulic units of this Serbian hydropower plant.

Djerdap-2 HPP is situated on the Danube river, in the eastern part of Serbia, at the distance of about 260 km from Belgrade, at 12 km from the town of Negotin. The power plant erection began in December 1977. The commissioning of the unit of the main power plant took place in April 1985. 10 horizontal bulb hydraulic units (eight units – at the main hydropower plant and two – at the additional hydropower plant) have been installed at Djerdap-2 HPP. The main hydro power equipment for units at the main power plants was manufactured by Power Machines OJSC’s branches, Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and Eleсtrosila, in 1983-1985.