Power Machines equipment at Tianwan NPP (China)

On 7th April Tianwan NPP (China) made a trial start of its first power unit 1000 MW turbine. After testing and preproduction operation the power unit will be connected to the grid and will be officially commissioned into commercial operation. This is the biggest Power Machines foreign project in the nuclear power sector.

The 1000 MW turbine manufactured for Tianwan NPP is equipped with titanium cooling tubes, which fully exclude the corrosion which results from the sea highly chloride cooling water. Another turbine’s peculiarity is the original design of the bearings, enabling the use of non-flammable and non-toxic grease, thus seriously lowering the fire risk.

The launch of the second power unit at Tianwan NPP is planned for 2007.

Tianwan NPP is the biggest Russian and Chinese project in the nuclear power sector. The power plant is being under construction not far from Lyanyungan city, located in the East of China. About 4 power units are planned to be manufactured at the Tianwan NPP site.