Power Machines created a thermodynamic model of GTE-170 gas turbine

As part of the program to master the production of high-power gas turbines, PJSC «Power machines» completed the next stage of project design work.

The special design bureau of gas turbine plants developed a thermodynamic model of GTE-170.1 gas turbine. This is one of the first stages in determining the parameters of a gas turbine unit created under the Power Machines project to revive the domestic technology for the production of power gas turbines.

Thermodynamic modeling allows studying the high-temperature processes with physical and chemical transformations and generate the inputs for the subsequent design of the components and auxiliary systems of gas turbines. This type of mathematical modeling allows determining the mutual influence of operation of the gas turbine components on the output parameters of the gas turbine unit.

In the course of building a thermodynamic model, the possible operation of a gas turbine under various operating conditions was analyzed and the control mode of the installation over the entire operating range was determined. The data obtained will be clarified by the results of bench tests and pilot operation of the GTE-170.1 prototype, the assembly of which, according to the project schedule, is due to take place in 2022.

Power Machines started developing a domestic line of power gas turbines of two standard sizes: GTE-65 and GTE-170 in 2018. Since then, a design bureau has been created, design documentation has been developed, and design work is underway. The first GTE-170 turbine went into production, the audit of GTE-65, which had previously been manufactured, but its tests were not completed, was completed. The production of GTE-65 and GTE-170 gas turbines is deployed at LMZ. This is complementary to the technological operations that are historically performed by the plant. The production is re-equiped for debottlenecking. To test the full-sized units of the combustion chambers of power GTUs at full-scale parameters, the plant has its own experimental research base.

The R&D plan is being implemented with the participation of the country's leading research enterprises. Retrofitting of production is underway, active work with suppliers is ongoing. An important event in 2019 was Power Machines being the winning bidder in tender of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia to subsidize R&D for this project.

The successful development of gas turbine production technology by the Russian company will reduce the dependence of domestic energy production on the import of this equipment, ensure the energy and process security of the country.