Power Machines create dealer network

In 2017 PJSC Power Machines are establishing the dealer network in Russia and in the CIS countries in order to satisfy the customers’ demands for the company’s production and with the aim of extending the sales market.

Presently dealers regulations have been developed in PJSC Power Machines, where the requirements to candidates have been articulated, according to which the company chooses future partners.

The requirements to candidates include: availability of resources, technologies, business links, knowledge, skills and abilities, good business reputation, as well as the experience required for successful performance of the dealer’s obligations. At that, a priority will be given to the companies, having experience of successful implementation of joint agreements with Power Machines, as well as the availability of necessary permission documentation (licenses, permits, attestations, certificates, etc. and references.

“The dealer network, aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients, will act on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership relations, contributing to provision of maximum convenient conditions for selling products and services of Power Machines”, - comments Kirill Toropov, Director for Sales and Services of Power Machines. “It is planned to use the network to sell spare parts and units of boiler, turbine and generator equipment, as well as the services of technical support of our equipment installation and any types of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance and modernization.

For cooperation in the context of the dealer network project, please advise the services directorate of PJSC Power Machines. Contact person: Head of administration of equipment long-term servicing, Evgeny Goloton, tel. +7 (812) 326-75-12, e-mail: Goloton_EA@power-m.ru.